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Paper shredding

Let's talk paper shredding. Okay i've already posted a few times about this. But at the end of the day this is my business. I shred paper. I go to your permesis, I pick up your paper and I shred it. And I do this every day. Do you know what that makes me? A master paper shredder. You know it takes 10,000 hours roughly of something to become a master. When I started CDD 25 years ago, I purchased a few second hand shredders. And I tell you that I did most of the shredding all by myself. For years I pushed paper into a shredding machine. You get more and more excited and start feeding more and more paper into it, and sometimes you accidentally put way too much down and it gets jammed. Then it's a matter of trying to get it out because its stuck. I tell you that my muscles got pretty big whilst doing that job, trying to deal with all that. Then i'd be jumping in and out of wool bales compacting it down to send it off for recycling. My kids used to come down and help me shred. Well they mostly slept in the back of the van but you know, they helped occasionally. I remember our friendly neighbours, mechanics and chippies, the kids like to go and collect bits and bobs off the ground and play shop around there. Well that's me diverging and going into memory lane. But you know it's good to reminisce. And I started going in that direction because I wanted to share that in order for mastery to happen, you need to go through the tough times and you need to persist. I've persisted a lot longer than most in the shredding biz. So let's talk shredding. Let's talk recycling. Let's talk secure document disposal. Let me help you make sure your business stays safe. That your information stays in the right hands. Being a master shredder, you know you can trust Confidential document destruction to do the job, a friendly, local, top bloke ready to take your call. We do archive boxes, bins, lockable and secure. I will create a custom schedule for you and you can have a one off bin or we can setup a pickup schedule. I'm flexible and will customize to your needs.

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