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Secure Confidential Document Destruction Service in Perth

personal document destruction services

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destruction and recycling

CDD will create a custom pick up schedule of our CDD 240lt securely locked wheelie bins from your premises for all your confidential document disposal  in Perth. Whether it be for short or long term requirements, small or large pickups, we promise to help you securely destroy and recycle your sensitive information.


Archive Box/Pallet Storage

CDD offers competitive pricing on archive box and pallet storage. We can also provide a one-off clear-out service for your archive storage boxes or pallet storage lots. We provide a fast and efficient service to help you de-clutter your business and remove the risk of data breach and fire hazards.


Secure Document Destruction Services

Confidential Document Destruction specialises in secure document destruction in Perth. All paper and cardboard documents are 100% confidentially destroyed by shredding and the contents recycled to make sure there are no toxic elements released into the environment. 


Contact US

Why not give us a call to discuss your requirements further? Feel free to call us on 0458 088 000


We will be prompt in answering your calls and online queries. Our customer support executives will be more than glad to connect with you. You can also reach out using an online form.    

Why Choose Confidential Document Destruction For Your Business?

At CDD, we implement measures that guarantees the confidentiality of your sensitive information throughout the entire document destruction process. Our services are designed to assist you in navigating the complex regulatory landscape with ease. Here’s what we offer:

confidential document destruction perth
personal document destruction services
document destruction services perth

Confidential waste, such as medical records, salary details or personal address details, legally have to be disposed of correctly under the Data Protection Act. These documents must be shredded before being disposed of to ensure all stakeholders data remains confidential.Confidential Document Destruction can ensure these documents remain securely protected at your premesis and in transit prior to shredding using our locked security bins. 

A significant data breach to your organisation can be financially crippling. Resultant costs could range from business interruption, incident response, third party claims and legal costs, to customer notification expenses and damage to data. If your organisation has committed "serious or repeated non-compliance with mandatory notification requirements", you could be faced with penalties including fines of up to $360,000 for individuals and $1.8 million for organisations. CDD can help you eliminate the risk of having to report a data breach.

Identity theft is becoming a common crime with criminals searching through rubbish bins to extract personal information about stakeholders. Businesses tend to document everything from meeting notes, staff details, future business developments, and sales figures. Imagine if this information got into the wrong hands? CDD's confidential document disposal in Perth will gives you the peace of mind that people aren’t rifling through your waste paper. 

Interested In Confidential Document Disposal in Perth? 

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Eco-Friendly Recycling Initiatives

CDD supports environmentally responsible practices by following a closed-loop recycling process, compliant with regulations. Shredded material at CDD is collected, processed, and transformed into new products, closing the loop on recycling. We proudly align with our commitment to both security and environmental responsibility.


Our services also follows strict industry guidelines to guarantee that your sensitive information is not only securely destroyed but also handled in an environmentally responsible manner.


Know More

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WA Owned and Operated

Established in 1994 by Frank Houston, and still owned & managed by the original founder.
Confidential Document Destruction is a West Australian owned and operated businesses.
We have a safe and secure warehouse in the Bibra Lake industrial area. 




Tony Terribile, CPA

I have been dealing with Frank over the last 18 months and have always found him and his business to be reliable. He is courteous to me and my staff, and punctual with the delivery and collection of our security bins. Overall, he provides an excellent personal service.

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Janette Tavelli, Director

Integra Legal have used CDD for over 10 years for our secure archiving and destruction of documents. We have always had excellent service. Frank is obliging and efficient when we require collection or archiving documents from our Perth city office and we can be assured that his storage facility is secure ensuring compliance with our QA obligations. I can certainly recommend CDD for secure document storage and a fast and efficient delivery and collection service.


Gary Marocchi, MD

Frank Houston from Confidential Document Destruction has been providing a confidential document bin service to our office, over 10 years now and we couldn’t be any happier with the professional and friendly service Frank provides. He is prompt, courteous and offers his service always with a smile. It is a pleasure to deal with a Local family business as we Marocchi Engineering offer our own customers. I would highly recommend the services of Confidential Document Destruction to any Company or Individual looking for a Confidential Document Service.


Mee-Mee Hanssen, Administration Manager

Frank from CDD has been providing Hanssen head and site offices with secure document destruction services for several years. We are delighted with the friendly and efficient service provided by Frank and knowing that our business documents are disposed of securely and in an eco-friendly way. We highly recommend using CDD for professional and reliable document destruction services.

  • Is it necessary to dispose of confidential waste?
    Yes, absolutely. Mishandling of confidential waste such as medical records, financial details, legal documents, or trade secrets can lead to severe consequences. As per the Data Protection Act, confidential documents must be shredded and securely disposed of to ensure the privacy of stakeholders.
  • How does CDD maintain the security of documents during transit?
    At CDD, we use locked security bins to securely store confidential documents at your premises and during transit before shredding. This ensures the protection of sensitive data until it is permanently destroyed.
  • Can you include non-paper items in document destruction services?
    While the focus is on paper and cardboard documents, CDD may offer additional services for the secure destruction of electronic media upon request. Confirm with us for specific requirements related to non-paper items.
  • How does CDD contribute to environmental sustainability?
    CDD's document destruction in Perth actively aligns with eco-friendly disposal practices. We transport all shredded paper for recycling and save businesses the time and expense associated with in-house recycling. Get a quote.
  • How do you prevent a data breach for my business?
    We eliminate the risk of data breaches by securely destroying confidential documents. This is important for both individuals and businesses to avoid severe breaches that can impact finances, reputation, and legal standings.
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