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"It's my continued vision to help West Australian's keep their company's information in the right hands."  ~ Frank Houston, Owner
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WA Owned and Operated

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​Hi, I'm Frank. 

I established Confidential Document Destruction in 1994, after realizing the damage inflicted to businesses from espionage by stealing company documents with sensitive information from unsecured garbage bins. At the time there were very few businesses, if any at all, offering confidential document destruction services, and i saw an opportunity to help reduce the problem in Western Australia. I started with one shredder in a rented warehouse, and selling my service by day and shredding by night, CDD was born. The business grew quickly with 3 shredders and 4 staff due to the high demand and low competition. After 25 years, the amount of competitors may have increased, but we continue to provide the same high standard and professional service we established from the beginning. It's my continued vision to help West Australian's keep their company's information in the right hands.

Trade secrets are not protected if thrown into the garbage. It is essential that every record that has private information needs to be destroyed and disposed of properly. You must be aware of your legal responsibility to protect your employees' personal information. No matter whether it is employment application, health records, attendance records, or accident reports, we will destroy these records effectively.

When it comes to information and security management by document destruction, Confidential Document Destruction understands the importance of confidentiality very well. We are dedicated to delivering the best customer service and experience to our clients.

We are concerned about identity theft as much as you, that's why we help our clients meet the privacy requirements by building a first-rate document security process into their operations. We provide support to our clients in the effort of protecting their privacy and productivity. 

You can trust our efficient shredding services for the destruction of your  private and sensitive documents. Hire our experts for cost-effective destruction and recycling services and avoid the hassle of doing it yourself. Stacks of documents and clutter is a trip and fire hazard waiting to happen. At Confidential Document Destruction, we pride ourselves in delivering a fast and effective service tailored to your needs. 

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