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Cost-Effective Paper Recycling Services in Perth

Piling confidential documents is messy and frustrating. Shredding, alone isn't enough! Protect your data and the planet with secure paper recycling in Perth. 


At Confidential Document Destruction, we shred to industry standards, transform scraps into new paper products, minimizing landfill impact and maximizing environmental responsibility. 


Upgrade your document disposal - choose secure and sustainable cleanup.


Recycle Confidential Documents With Full Legal Compliance

If you own and operate the kind of business whose operations involve using a lot of documents that contain confidential information, then it becomes your legal responsibility to ensure, you hire the services of a reliable business that can safely destroy and recycle confidential documents.

We, at Complete Document Destruction, follow the best practices of confidential yet eco-friendly paper recycling in Perth. Give us just one call and we will schedule a custom pick up of our CDD 240lt securely locked wheelie bins from your premises for all your confidential document disposal needs.

Call us on 0458 088 000 to know how we can assist you regarding paper shredding and recycling services in Perth. 

Professional, Eco-Friendly Paper Recycling in Perth - Doing It Safe

As a business owner, you will be comfortable and sleep well at night knowing that your confidential documents have been disposed of utilizing an eco-friendly paper recycling service and disposal method.

CDD has been providing safe and responsible paper recycling services to small and medium-sized businesses in Perth since 1994. Once your confidential documents are shredded into tiny pieces by our advanced paper shredding machines, it is collected and baled and shipped overseas to be recycled.

After reaching its destination, the paper can then be repurposed into other products. Our paper recycling service can reduce your carbon footprint and help you achieve environmental best practice.


For queries, you can fill the online form and we will contact you at the earliest. 

Secure Your Sensitive Data, Grow Your Business: Why Perth's Top Companies Choose Us

Protecting confidential information is paramount for any business, but it shouldn't come at the cost of sustainability. 


We understand this delicate balance, offering secure document destruction and responsible paper recycling in Perth.


  1. Legal and medical firms: Ensure client confidentiality with NAID-certified shredding and secure chain of custody.

  2. Financial institutions: Protect sensitive data with cross-cut shredding.

  3. Government agencies: Comply with data privacy regulations with secure on-site destruction options.


Don't let data breaches hinder your growth. Contact us today for a customized quote.

Secure Your Future, Sustain the Planet: Recycle Confidential Documents Responsibly

Disposing of confidential documents responsibly is no longer just about security, it's about making a positive impact. 


Choosing Confidential Document Destruction with paper recycling in Perth unlocks a powerful combination: data protection and environmental stewardship.


  • Shred with Confidence

Our secure shredding process ensures your information is obliterated, preventing identity theft and data breaches.

  • Go Green, Save Green

Recycled paper conserves precious resources like water and trees, reducing your environmental footprint and potentially lowering waste disposal costs.

  • Peace of Mind Compliance

Meet legal obligations regarding data security and privacy, including the Australian Privacy Act, with complete peace of mind.

  • Close the Loop, Create New

Recycled paper forms the basis for countless new products, minimizing waste and contributing to a circular economy.

  • Feel Good, Do Good

Choose a sustainable solution that protects your information and the planet, demonstrating your commitment to responsible practices.

Ready to shred with purpose? Contact us today and discover how we can help you secure your future and protect the environment.

100% Sustainable Document Destruction & Recycling

No matter how much paper you need to dispose of, we will help you maximise your environmental sustainability by making recycling easy. Almost all the papers that we collect for shredding are recycled into various new products. 

If you’re trying to minimise your impact on the environment, CDD is the perfect partner for all your paper recycling needs. To learn more about our paper recycling and document destruction services, contact our friendly team today.

  • Is it necessary to dispose of confidential waste?
    Yes, absolutely. Mishandling of confidential waste such as medical records, financial details, legal documents, or trade secrets can lead to severe consequences. As per the Data Protection Act, confidential documents must be shredded and securely disposed of to ensure the privacy of stakeholders.
  • How does CDD maintain the security of documents during transit?
    At CDD, we use locked security bins to securely store confidential documents at your premises and during transit before shredding. This ensures the protection of sensitive data until it is permanently destroyed.
  • Can you include non-paper items in document destruction services?
    While the focus is on paper and cardboard documents, CDD may offer additional services for the secure destruction of electronic media upon request. Confirm with us for specific requirements related to non-paper items.
  • How does CDD contribute to environmental sustainability?
    CDD's document destruction in Perth actively aligns with eco-friendly disposal practices. We transport all shredded paper for recycling and save businesses the time and expense associated with in-house recycling. Get a quote.
  • How do you prevent a data breach for my business?
    We eliminate the risk of data breaches by securely destroying confidential documents. This is important for both individuals and businesses to avoid severe breaches that can impact finances, reputation, and legal standings.
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