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#1 Secure Document Destruction Services in Perth

Businesses and individuals need to have a confidential & secure way of destroying and disposing of their sensitive documents to prevent criminal activities such as espionage, stealing, identity theft, and fraud.

Confidential Document Destruction is a leading and professional business providing high standard document and/or paper shredding services at affordable rates, without compromising on the secrecy of your trade secrets.

When you choose our secure document destruction in Perth over others, we appreciate your trust and guarantee no one will ever steal or see your company’s crucial and sensitive information.

For more information, feel free to call us on  0458 088 000. We will be more than glad to talk to you.

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What Exactly is Secure Document Destruction?

Since 1994, we've built our business foundation on secure document destruction, also known as paper shredding. Providing secure document destruction, also known as paper shredding, is the foundation we have built our business on since 1994. CDD guarantees 100% document destruction with paper shredding, which is a safe solution to securely dispose of old or unwanted confidential documents.

Our document shredding services are is done through large commercial paper shredders with cross-cut blades that can make a series of both horizontal and vertical cuts to destroy your confidential documents into very small confetti-type pieces.

It is almost impossible to put the shredded pieces back together, which makes this method the most secure and reliable way of shredding sensitive documents. Our high-quality paper shredders meet government compliance regulations and the remains are then recycled.

Why Choose Confidential Document Destruction For Paper Shredding in Perth?

Legal Compliance and Employee Protection


At CDD, we ensure that every record containing private information including employment applications, health records, attendance records, and accident reports, is systematically destroyed per legal standards.

Information and Security Management Expertise

Our secure document shredding services prioritize confidentiality and have a strong document security process to meet the privacy requirements of our clients.

Identity Theft Prevention

We are committed to preventing identity theft and actively support clients in establishing top-tier document security processes. By choosing us, you safeguard your privacy and productivity.

Environmentally Responsible Practices

We prioritize environmental responsibility by recycling shredded materials. We reduce waste and strive to make a positive impact on the environment while helping you dispose of sensitive documents securely

Are stacks of sensitive documents piling up in your office? Arrange Secure Document Destruction in Perth Now.

The Benefits of Document Shredding & Destruction For Your Business

  • Save valuable time by outsourcing the project to a professional firm

  • 100% destruction of confidential information means 100% peace of mind for you

  • Avoid the hassle of doing it yourself

  • Helps your business stay compliant with the laws

  • You can make better use of your employees and resources 

Prevention of Unauthorized Access


We make sure that your sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands. Our documents shredding services can protect you against identity theft, fraud, and unauthorized access.

Trust and Credibility

Safeguarding confidential information  enhances trust and credibility with clients, customers, and stakeholders. A data breach can significantly damage a company's reputation.

Legal Compliance


Document shredding and destruction helps ensure compliance with laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Mitigation of Information Risks


Shredding documents minimizes the risk of sensitive information being leaked. This also reduces the potential for financial losses, legal repercussion, and operational disruptions.

Have queries? Give us a call at 0458 088 000 or drop your message to us at

We will reply at the earliest.

  • Is it necessary to dispose of confidential waste?
    Yes, absolutely. Mishandling of confidential waste such as medical records, financial details, legal documents, or trade secrets can lead to severe consequences. As per the Data Protection Act, confidential documents must be shredded and securely disposed of to ensure the privacy of stakeholders.
  • How does CDD maintain the security of documents during transit?
    At CDD, we use locked security bins to securely store confidential documents at your premises and during transit before shredding. This ensures the protection of sensitive data until it is permanently destroyed.
  • Can you include non-paper items in document destruction services?
    While the focus is on paper and cardboard documents, CDD may offer additional services for the secure destruction of electronic media upon request. Confirm with us for specific requirements related to non-paper items.
  • How does CDD contribute to environmental sustainability?
    CDD's document destruction in Perth actively aligns with eco-friendly disposal practices. We transport all shredded paper for recycling and save businesses the time and expense associated with in-house recycling. Get a quote.
  • How do you prevent a data breach for my business?
    We eliminate the risk of data breaches by securely destroying confidential documents. This is important for both individuals and businesses to avoid severe breaches that can impact finances, reputation, and legal standings.
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