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5 Reasons to Say "NO" to an Office Shredder

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Every business has to deal with tons of junk mails, receipts, employees data, customers information and piles of paperwork.

It’s important to shred all the unwanted documents to prevent identity crimes and data breaches.

Many businesses use an office shredder to get rid of paperwork they no longer need. However, using an office shredder is not a secure, efficient and reliable method and can put your business at higher risk of crimes. Herein, we are sharing valid reasons to ditch your office shredder:


Office paper shredders are unreliable and are not ideal for your bulky and frequent shredding needs.

A simple paper jam or staple pin can damage your shredding machine, making it unsuitable for heavy corporate use.

Moreover, you can’t rely on an office shredder to manage a range of media and a large volume of documents at one time.

2. Increased security risks

The main reason to shred documents is to prevent identity crimes and maintain the confidentiality of the personal information.

However, a paper shredder is not a safe way to destroy confidential information.

Many paper machines shred documents into strips. Anyone can piece the strips back together and misuse the important data. Plus, office shredders create paper and metal fragments that if left unattended could cause a fire.

3.Need extra care and maintenance

With time, several issues can arise in your shredding machines. This includes overheating, poor shredding blades and paper jams to name a few.

To make sure the office shredder runs properly you need to take extra care and follow adequate maintenance steps:

  • Regularly empty the shredding receptacle

  • Lubricate the cutting blades

  • Occasionally run the shredder in reverse

  • Clean the blades

Moreover, asking your untrained employees to use the office shredder can cause serious injuries.


As a business owner, time management is a key to success.

However, when using an office shredder, first you have to remove staples and paper clips from every document and then group files into small portions so the machine doesn’t get jammed.

This can drain a lot of valuable time for you and your employees and distract them from other core responsibilities.

Moreover, it is arduous and time-consuming as it can shred only a few sheets of paper at a time. This means it’s going to take a lot of time to shred hundreds of thousands of documents.

5.Big and heavy

Office shredders are quite big, heavy and take up a lot of space.

Moreover, they generate tons of paper mess in your office that you will have to deal with regularly.

You already have a big responsibility to maintain a clean working environment, then what is the need to add unnecessary clutter to your space?

In the end….

You can save yourself from all the nuisance of using an office shredder by working with document shredding services in Perth.

A certified company destroys the papers in compliance with state and federal privacy laws and offers you immense mind peace in the long run.

To book a document destruction company in Perth, dial: 0458 088 000

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