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5 Risks Associated With Keeping Business Records in Self-Storage Units

Every enterprise has valuable records like financial reports, client information, and employee data. All of which should be kept in storage facilities. However, keeping sensitive business documents in self-storage units is a risky idea.

Unexpected and unfortunate events like theft, fire, and flood can harm the security of your personal records.

Read some risks associated with keeping business documents in a self-storage unit:

  • Less security and privacy

When you keep your important files or records in a self-storage unit, safety and privacy are not guaranteed.

Self-storage units generally do not have the high-levels of security needed for business digital records.

You may install alarms and cameras, still, that may not be enough to protect your confidential data from unauthorized access.

  • Legal consequences

The documents kept in a storage unit are vulnerable to data breach and identity theft.

In case a data breach occurs, your company would have to take sole responsibility and may have to face legal consequences:

For instance, in the case of loss of sensitive data, such as credit card information, the responsible organisation may have to pay huge compensation to the victims.

  • Increase in criminal events

Self-storage units are hotspots of criminal activities."

If you keep your sensitive documents in a storage unit for a longer period, you are increasing the risk of identity theft, fraud, or blackmail.

  • Less physical protection

Many self-storage units have a barrier that needs a key, punch code, password, or keycard to access the unit.

However, these are not strong and have very weak physical protection.

It increases the chance of letting a burglar get unauthorised access to your important business documents.

  • Not climate-resistant

Self-storage units are not effective when it comes to storing items that need to be stored at a specific temperature.

They may also not provide good protection against rain, fire, snow, and flood.

Due to this, documents become vulnerable to mould and mildew, which can damage the papers, files and other storage items.

Look for a facility that provides a climate control feature.

In the end…

Whether it’s a business record or a customers’ confidential data, keeping private information safe is imperative.

Partner with an experienced company that follows all protocols and provide secure pallet storage to ensures your vital data is protected from all potential risks.

To know more, dial 0458 088 000.

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