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Debunking 5 Common Paper Shredding Myths

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

In this modern and digital world, many companies have fallen victim to identity theft and cybercrimes.

Whether small or large, it is more important than ever for companies to practice paper shredding to ensure sensitive and confidential data don’t fall in the wrong hands.

Herein, we are busting the 5 common shredding misconceptions that many businesses have:

1. Document destruction is not important

Many organisations believe that shredding documents is not so important and store unwanted and old records like bills, financial statements, business plans, employee and customer data.

However, holding onto the information you no longer need can put your organisation at a higher risk of data theft but occupies unnecessary space.

It’s advisable to practice safe and secure destruction of useless documents due to the following reasons:

  • Keeps you in compliance with the laws and regulations

  • Eco-friendly

  • Prevents identity theft and scams

  • Get rid of clutter

  • Keeps confidential and sensitive information protected from unethical use

2. In-house shredding is safe

This is absolutely false.

In-house paper shredding is full of risks and has many drawbacks like:

  • Higher chances of identity scams

  • Lower productivity

  • Time-consuming

  • No proof of secure document destruction

Hire a professional document destruction company in Perth that follows all rules and policies to securely destroy your confidential information.

3. Recycling is better than shredding

Yes, the process of recycling confidential documents is essential to protect the planet.

Since paper shredding is independable, it is better to recycle them and not just dump them in a remote location.

Not doing this, can lead to major consequences for your business like reputation damage, penalties & fines and risk of breaches.

4. Professional services are expensive

No, this is not true.

As compared to in-house shredding, professional services are affordable and highly reliable.

5. Trash is of no value

This is one of the popular myths.

Many businesses randomly toss-up important busienss papers in a bin and assume that they are not important enough for someone to pay attention to.

However, some people can be smarter than you think. Once your documents go into the trash, they are accessible to fraudsters.

Any criminal can put back your document pieces together and misuse the information.

The best way to protect documents and lower unfortunate events is by following a secure chain of rules when disposing paperwork.

In the end…

When it comes to protecting your information, it’s better not to pay attention to any myths.

Even the smallest misconception can tarnish your reputation and can result in a potential loss in business.

Looking for a secure paper shredding company in Perth? Dial 0458 088 000.

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