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Do’s and Don'ts For Shredding Papers

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Data breaches and identity thefts can wreak havoc on your personal and professional life.

The best way to prevent unfortunate events is by shredding confidential papers you no longer need.

That seems quite simple, right?

However, paper shredding is a lot more than just tearing your documents into thin sheets or fine pieces.

Even the slightest mistake can expose your data and result in a breach,

To ensure secure document destruction, consider the following do’s and don’ts:

The Do’s

1. Hire a document destruction company

To ensure the safe disposal of your private and sensitive data, partner with an experienced and licensed document destruction company in Perth.

The experts discard the documents in an efficient manner and compliance with states’ laws and policies.

Other benefits:

  • Time and money saviour

  • Boosts productivity

  • Protects environment

  • Maintains privacy

2. Double-check

Before shredding, review all your documents to make sure you only purge the paperwork you no longer need.

Sometimes, other important documents get shuffled with old ones, so it’s better to check them thoroughly.

3. Recycle all the paper junk

Anyone can put back together the shredded pieces of paper and can steal or misuse your personal information.

So, it’s better to recycle all the shredded documents. You can do it yourself or ask your paper shredding company to do it for you.

Some benefits of recycling are:

  • Useful for making other paper products like newspapers, napkins, etc.

  • Saves trees

  • Conserves resources

  • Avoids land and air pollution

  • Less waste in landfills The Don'ts

Some things to avoid while shredding documents are:

1. Keeping outdated documents for a longer time

There is no point in holding paper records after their retention period. This can make you vulnerable to identity thefts and frauds.

For instance, after paying credit card or utility bills, shred them immediately or when other documents like tax receipts reach their retention date, destroy them.

2. Not asking certificate of destruction

Just because your shredding company has collected document bins from your location doesn’t mean your information has been safely destroyed.

Any misfortune incident can happen between your office and the shredding site. Choose a shredding company that gives you a certificate of destruction after the job is completed to ensure your data is safely destroyed.

3. Using an office shredder

It may be tempting to use an in-house shredder just to save a few dollars.

But it is not going to help you in any way and you may have to face legal consequences in the long run.


  • Unreliable

  • Increased safety risks

  • Extra care and maintenance

  • Time-consuming

  • Takes a lot of space


From boosting the productivity of your employees to preventing identity crimes, paper shredding is an important skill that every company should practice.

Looking for a document shredding company in Perth? Dial: 0458 088 000.

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