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Dusty Archive Boxes No more!

We know all too well that it's easy to keep a hold of boxes, whether it's in our living room, our garage, under the sink, hidden in that back corner of the kids play area or in the shed. Making space for the new, by clearing away the old, is important to invite more space into our lives for the new things, the good things. Like clearing away old beliefs from our mind to allow us to feel more expansive and take on new challenges and conquer old fears, we must do the same with our physical objects that we no longer need. As a trusted, confidential document destruction and disposal company, whether you have archive boxes laying around the house, at your work premesis, or stuffed in the garage at your dads place, we can help clear out the old to make space for new. It's never been a better time whilst most of us are advised to stay home, or have less people coming through our doors at our business to start clearing up, recycling, and having a paper shredding service like confidential document destruction to dispose of what is no longer required. As one of the longest running paper shredding companies in Perth, with a local, family run owner, we'll support clearing out your archive boxes, shred your confidential or un-used papers and documents, and it's always recycled. We are commited to a sustainable enviromentally friendly service, where the paper is re-used and recycled into other products. From old to new - that's where we are in this time on this planet - let's all work together to support each other in this transition period and let confidential document destruction help. Call Frank Houston today 0458 088 000 

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