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Office Shredder VS Professional Shredding Services: Which one to choose?

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

With the advent of new technologies in the digital industry, the world is progressing at a rapid speed and is becoming powerful with each passing day.

However, the more powerful the digital tools, the higher the risk from cybercriminals and fraudsters.

Identity crimes and data breaches have grown rampant over the years.

Many crimes occur when an important document is left unsecured. The best way to save your business, employees and client sensitive information is by shredding unwanted documents.

But the question is whether or not to use an office shredder or hire a professional shredding company.

To make an informed decision, read this blog to understand the meaning and difference between the two options.

Office shredder

Shredders are the first line of defence against identity crimes and protect confidential information in the office.

They are widely used in larger organisations, banks and government institutes where there is a constant need of destroying highly sensitive paperwork.


  • Security of documents

  • Cost-effective

  • Instant shredding

  • Portable Paper shredding service

Not shredding your documents can put your business reputation at risk and you may have to face serious consequences in the long run.

The most secure way to get rid of unwanted and unnecessary documents is by hiring a document destruction company in Perth.

They have the expertise and in-depth knowledge of protecting business information, client records and employee data.


  • Reduces liability

  • Increases business productivity

  • Eco-friendly

  • Time & money saviour Difference

Parameter Shredding machine Shredding company

Cost Affordable Expensive but cost effective

Time Time-consuming and slow process Faster

Safety Low Higher

Productivity Less More

Efficient Poor Highly-efficient

Eco-friendly Less More

Crime risk High Low

Reliability Less More

Convenient Less More Ideal For fewer paper needs More

Which one to choose?

The answer mainly depends on your needs and budget, but in most cases, it’s better to invest in document shredding services.

This is due to the following reasons: Boosts employee productivity: If employees spend their valuable time while destroying papers using the office shredder, productivity is likely to drop dramatically.

However, a shredding company can take the burden off your shoulder and let your employees concentrate on more important tasks, thus boosting productivity.

Eco-friendly: Paper shredded by using an office shredder ends up filling local landfills with large volumes. On the other side, most shredding companies recycle their customers’ paper waste, thus prompting a greener and healthier environment.

Low crime risk: When using the office shredder, scraps remain inside the machine. Anyone can piece together a document and misuse the information.

However, a document shredding company destroys your documents in the most secure manner and doesn't leave scraps around the office for possible theft.

Convenient: Using a paper shredder is a time-consuming, painstaking and incredibly mundane task. But reliable document shredding services take care of everything for you. They come to your office, collect the paper, shred it and recycle it.

Whether online or offline, keeping personal data safe and secure should be the priority of all businesses.

So, hire paper shredding services to save yourself from all the negative consequences. To know more about shredding services, dial: 0458 088 000.

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