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Shredding Papers On Your Own? 5 Consequences of DIY Shredding

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Whether it’s your business records or customers’ private information, keeping documents you no longer need can pose a threat to your identity and can cause data breach.

In fact, most identity thefts and scams involve paper records such as bank mails or credit card information.

Fundamentally, the best way to protect confidential data is by shredding them. However, DIY paper shredding lacks the necessary security and can have repercussions like:

1. Less privacy

One of the biggest perils of DIY shredding is lack of privacy and security.

People often make a mistake of tossing an important document in a trash can or recycling container.

However, one mishandled document can

  • Cause data breach

  • Tarnish your brand image

  • Cause financial strain

  • Lead to legal consequences

2. Human errors

Office shredding is done by employees. A single mistake by your employee when shredding papers can increase the risk of information leak and can negatively affect your public image.

Nothing in this world can justify a simple human error, and when you rely on inexperienced employees, mistakes can cost you big dollars.

3. Expensive

It might surprise you to learn that DIY shredding is expensive.

Oftentimes, companies assume that shredding in-house is cost-effective, but are you aware of the hidden expenses such as buying shredders, electricity bills and maintenance charges.

Whether you use a shredder or hire an employee, in-house shredding can cost your organisation hundreds of dollars every month.

4. More risks

Most paper shredders split documents into thin layers or pieces.

However, by shredding confidential documents like business data, customer information, or employees paperwork, may have their own challenges.

The risks involved in DIY shredding are:

  • Lost employee productivity

  • Business fraud

  • Regulatory fines

  • Threat to employee safety

5. No proof of destruction

When opting for DIY shredding, businesses often have no suitable training in document security and disposal and it’s impossible to verify whether a document has been destroyed or not.

Without a written, verifiable document destruction proof, your business may have to pay a hefty fine.

In the end…

You can avoid all the negative consequences of DIY shredding by hiring professional document destruction services in Perth.

A paper shredding company in Perth will take the burden off your shoulder and will keep you, your company, customers, and employees safe.

To know more about shredding services, dial: 0458 088 000

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