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The benefits of a locked document bin!

Having a confidential document locked document bin at your company gives you the flexibility to have all your companies waste paper be placed somewhere immediately that has no opportunity to be read by others. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that it's going to be recycled directly after being shred. We can have a bin delivered to your company same day. Developing a relationship with a local family business means that you know that your calls will be answered and responded to directly by the owner. Any concerns, questions about your secure document destruction service can be answered and any issues rectified promptly. Confidential document destruction has been operating now for 25 years and one was one of the first companies pioneering secure document destruction and shredding in perth. It's always a please to see so much paper that would otherwise by in landfill or in the hands of the wrong person - shred and recycled into products that we can re-use again. Don't forget if you've got archive boxes that are stored on pallets or in storage we can collect those and have them shred once they are no longer needed and save you money on storage. So next time you're thinking of what to do with that document you've got in your hands - save time and at low cost get yourself a confidential document destruction secure bin and we will help securely recycle and destroy your documents in Perth in no time at all!

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