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5 Important Questions to Ask a Paper Shredding Company in Perth

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Improper handling and destroying of confidential documents are some of the human errors that are quite common in the workplace.

That’s why it has become more important than ever for businesses to hire a reliable paper shredding company in Perth for ensuring complete privacy and safety of the important documents.

However, before hiring any services, ask these 5 important questions to make the right choice for your business.

  1. Are you certified?

Make sure that the document destruction company in Perth is certified by a known trade association.

NAID sets the standards for disposal companies on how to destroy sensitive information safely while preventing any chance of data breaches or identity theft.

Choosing a NAID AAA Certified shredding provider that ensures privacy and protection to your business documents and other vital information.

2. What type of paper shredding service do you provide?

Different businesses require different shredding services.

You can ask your shredding professionals about the type of services they provide—onsite or plant-based.

Businesses who opt for onsite shredding are serviced within their premises. A mobile paper shredding truck having a high tech video camera is typically used for that.

Plant-based document destruction takes place at the vendor’s location.

It’s advisable to choose on-site shredding over off-site as the former eliminates the potential risk of data theft.

3. How safe is your shredding process?

Your paper shredding provider must comply with regulations and laws. The company must:

  • maintain a high level of privacy and security while destroying your important paperwork

  • follow security and operation policies

  • have working trucks and off-site destruction equipment

  • place security containers throughout your office, allowing you to discard sensitive documents securely

  • not leave your documents unprotected or exposed

After your shredding process is completed, ask the company for a Certificate of Destruction to maintain your compliance records.

4. What type of data do you destroy?

A reliable shredding and destruction company offers a convenient solution for both your paperwork and computer media, including:

  • CDs and DVDs

  • Hard drives

  • Floppy disks

  • Pen Drives

  • Zip disks

  • Credit cards

  • Physical, electronic, and digital data

5. Do you follow eco-friendly practices?

Besides protecting your sensitive information, a paper shredding company must be eco-friendly to dispose of the paper waste without harming the environment.

  • Reduces pollution

  • Reduces landfill waste

  • Saves trees

  • Boosts economy

Wrapping up

By asking these questions to your paper shredding company, you’ll be able to make a better choice and will offer yourself a peace of mind when it comes to protecting your reputation.

Looking for confidential document disposal services in Perth? Free feel to call us at 0458 088 000.

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