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5 Mistakes To Avoid While Shredding Important Documents

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

In today’s business world, the risk of identity thefts is rising and it has become more important than ever to protect sensitive data from unauthorised access.

As per an article published in TechRepublic, in 2019, data breaches increased by 54%.

Paper shredding is one of the most secure options to get rid of confidential and sensitive information.

However, many business owners often make mistakes while shredding papers that can be as fatal as cyberattacks.

Some of the 5 most common document destruction mistakes and the ways to avoid them are:

1.Using an office shredder - is it a mistake?

Yes, you read that right.

Office shredders may seem like the best option to shred documents. However, they are inefficient while destroying documents in bulk.

Reasons to avoid office shredder are:

  • It can shred only a limited amount of paper

  • time-consuming

  • doesn’t guarantee confidentiality and security

  • makes noise

  • sensitive to overheating, paper jams, and other maintenance issues


If you want to save time, money and want to get rid of sensitive documents securely, hire a professional for document destruction services in Perth. Outsourcing shredding services ensure you better security than an office shredder.

2. Not hiring a certified shredding company

There’s no shortage of paper shredding companies, but not all are insured, certified, and provide a professional service.

Every organisation has a unique document shredding requirement; something that not every paper shredding company can offer.


Hire a certified and reputable company that offers tailored shredding services that offer the highest professional standards.

Benefits of hiring professional paper shredding services in Perth are:

  • protects your important documents

  • certified and insured

  • helps you stay in compliance with the regulations

  • Saves environment

  • cost-effective services

  • shred documents in the most confidential manner

3. Practising wrong paper recycling habits

Mostly, people throw shredded documents directly into the recycling bin.

You are indeed helping the environment, but sometimes, the shredded paper that goes into recycling bins doesn’t get recycled at all.

Thus, you are increasing the risk of information loss, data breach, identity theft, and above all, harming the environment,


Hire a shredding company with an eco-friendly policy to ensure your sensitive documents are properly destroyed and recycled without affecting the environment.

4. Not having a document shredding policy

Do you know what to do with old documents? Does your company have a document destruction policy?

Many organizations make a mistake of not having a comprehensive paper shredding policy that leaves employees confused about what to do with old and useless papers. Plus, this increases the risk of fraud.


Prepare a document shredding policy for your company, and share it with your employees.

Benefits of having a document shredding policy:

  • reduces liability and ensures compliance

  • prevents privacy threats

  • controls paper storage expenses

  • manages your official documents

5. Throwing the shredded paper in the trash

After shredding paper, you are left with a pile of paper pieces that likely will end up in the trash or a bin.

However, there are chances that paper pieces may fall into wrong hands and anyone who can piece them back together gets access to sensitive data or information.


If you want to prevent such business threats, follow a few tips:

  • Hire reliable paper shredding services for safe disposal

  • Strike out important information using a permanent black marker before shredding the papers


Practising secure paper shredding is very important to prevent data thefts.

By avoiding these common document destruction mistakes, you can easily avoid financial troubles, lessen paper-based threats, and help the environment.

Looking for a professional shredding company? Let’s talk at 0458 088 000.

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