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Updated: Sep 26, 2023

What is passion you might ask. Well that's a great question. Passion is when you're on FIRE. You're literally Enlightened, on Fire, you live with Purpose. The Japanese call this IKIGAI. It's What you Love, What You're good at, What you can be paid for, and what you can give to the world. I believe everyone needs an IKIGAI. Fortunately for me I found mine, and it's owning Confidential Document Destruction. It might not be supporting billions of people around the world in philanthropic work, but it means something to me, and it means something to others. I love the feeling when I can help support a company deal with their recyclable waste in a responsible manner. When I can support the document destruction, securely, confidentially, and reliably with a smile it makes me feel good, like i've done something worthwhile. So what's your Ikigai? Your purpose? What gets you excited to wake up in the morning? For some it could be as simple as being a mother, a father, a baker, a tailor, there is nothing too small that can light the fire of passion. But it's incredibly individual. We are all unique expressions of the universe and as such what gets up light up, cannot be the same as another, and thank goodness for that otherwise we might have too many bakers and not enough plumbers! You get the jist. So whilst you're pondering what gets you excited to wake up in the morning, i'd like to remind you of some of the offers that I can support you and your business with. We'd love to support you recycling your documents as we're commited to being reliable, confidential, and real. That's right, real. That means I like conversation, I like to know my customers, I like to take an interest in you and your business and to really understand what you need. Whilst financially clients are important, it's always been about the relationships that I've had and the business that I get is always almost through strong relationships and rapports I build who refer me. They want to do business with me, Frank, because I'm a real person with family who lives locally in your community and when you pay your invoices you know that it's supporting local. Thank you for being there and supporting me during COVID-19 and thank you for continuing to use our secure shredding services. If you need any archive storage, pallet storage, shredding, which is all done securely, drop me a line or email. Confidential document destruction is here to help you.

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