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Using a WA Owned Local Business

It's always important to use services and products that are locally owned and made. On packages we see things like WA Owned, Australian Made, % of Australian Ingredients. Some might say Well who cares? We need to consider where does the money go? To which economy is it fueling? Is there money going into areas that support you and your family and what matters most to you? Like ensuring that the schools and roads that we count have adequate funds. That's why I insist on stating that we're a locally WA owned company and have been providing confidential document disposal and recycling for 25 years. Secure document shredding services, archive storage, pallet storage, are just a few of the services that we've specialized in and provided high quality reliable services to our customers who keep renewing with us. You see they do care about the fact that I live in a suburb nearby, that our children have grown up in schools not so far or perhaps even the same schools, that we share the same water sources and food sources. So why would they want to pump their money into other companies that are owned by interstate or overseas owners? Of course we also have a competitive price, extremeley fast turnaround with pick pick ups and delivery, a customised service plan and frequency. Not to mention that we recycle all disposed documents in an environmentally eco-friendly way. We are one of Perths longest running confidental document destruction businesses because of the exceptional service we've provided for 25 years to our local business friends. Thank you WA for your continued support and I look forward to assisting all new clients from Perth and WA with all your secure document disposal and recycling needs. Call Frank if you would like a one-off clear out of your archive boxes, pallets, secure documents, or would like to arrange a one time locked document bin or a frequency schedule customized to your businesses size and needs with a pickup time determined by your requirements.

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