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What documents should I shred?

Think for a minute about the kinds of secure documents you could be throwing into the rubbish bin. Some examples of items you MUST consider shredding with a confidential document destruction service such as confidential document destruction include:

  1. Current/Previous employer pay slips or contracts – revealing yours and other employees information and income.

  2. Junk mail with your name/address on it – credit card and offers/advertising addressed to you.

  3. Receipts and tax returns past the requirements to hold onto for tax purposes.

  4. Expired Identification such as used passports, drivers licences, and photo ID.

  5. Health and Medical documents– such as results and medicare information.

  6. Debit, credit, and all wallet cards that are unused or expired.

  7. Travel documents such as used tickets and receipts have a lot of personal information including your date of birth!

Confidential Document Destruction recommends that you think about what your tossing away and instead use our secure document destruction services.

We provide competitive rates on document destruction in Perth! Why not deal with a local company with fast and reliable services.

Recycling your confidential documents have never been easier and helps the planet too!

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